Green ‘Beauty’ for the Man in Your Life

So is that title funny or what?!?! LOL! I mean what is that really?! I know my husband is rolling his eyes right around now.  But seriously though.  How many men out there have a beauty routine?? I know my husband never did.  He had his old spice and toxic hairspray.  Which p.s. he spends more time on his hair than I do.  HAHAHA!  Sorry babe! But that is for another post.  So when I started this journey my hubs was very supportive and he was on board.  He is my number one fan and cheerleader with this blog!  He is the tech guy behind Green Glam Girl.

What’s He Using?

Since I’m the one who buys most things in the house, I started changing his products too, which was not as easy as I thought.  Who knew he was so picky!! I have had him try so many different clean deodorants but Schmidts is his jam.  For him its the most effective!  Ok great! As long as ingredients don’t change it’s a keeper.  Next up was changing his hair spray and hair wax.  At the time of my clean beauty makeover I wasn’t aware of a lot of clean hair styling  products out there.  Just what was at my local health food market or Whole Foods.  Some of those still had a few questionable ingredients and didn’t really perform.

In order to convince my husband,  the products had to do the job.  So when I discovered Innersense Organic Beauty I was thrilled.  I ordered the Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer and the I Create Finish for him to give a try.  Replacing his hair wax and regular hair spray.  I told you he uses more products than I do.  Go figure! His conclusion after using for a couple of weeks and now for the past couple of years??  Let Noah, (Green Glam Guy) tell you!

“At 43, most days I’m just happy to have hair on my head. ‘keeping the dream alive’, as they say! What I like about Innersense is that they are as close to dream products as it gets.  Products that are natural but also just flat out work.I like to use the texturizer to add body and then use the hairspray to hold my so-called masterpiece together. 🙂 The products are so good that my son and I fight over them consistently.  The good news is if I can’t find them I know exactly where to look.  I have used a lot of different texturizers and sprays in the past but I can honestly say these products outshine them all.  The whipped texturizer goes on clean and leaves no residue behind and the hairspray adds just the right amount of hold.  I am completely sold on these hair products.  Let’s just say that I have an ‘innersense’ about them!”

The time we stayed at The Plaza

See what did I tell you!?! No I didn’t pay him to write that! LOL!  And yes our little (not so little today he is 11)  is into styling his own hair now.  So I put the hairspray and texturizer in his bathroom.  No more swiping Dad’s stuff. 🙂

Oh What a FACE!

Next up is his face!  Can we talk about how annoying guys are when it comes to this?!?!  They typically don’t wash their face in the morning or at night, layer with a toner, serum and then face cream.  All they do (at least mine) is let the water wash over their face in the shower. LOL! Good to go! Compare that to us women who are daily 2x a day slathering ourselves with every kind of anti aging, anti acne, anti drying product known to mankind.  I did convince this guy a few months ago that he really should start wearing face cream to help with dry skin in the winter.  I made the “mistake’ of giving him my Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream.  I never saw it again and then when he ran out, I was reminded daily until it appeared again in the bathroom.  He calls it the magic drawer.  😉 So needless to say he is obsessed.  To be honest so am I.  It is just like the name suggests, simple.  It does the job of hydrating without any harsh ingredients or even many essential oils.  Great for the guys and girls alike!

Ok so now we are at shaving cream. Another area of extreme pickiness.  Again I brought home many brands that were cleaner than the stuff my husband use to use.  So when I ordered the SuperSlick Shave Gel by Max Alchemy from The Choosy Chick I was skeptical that he would approve.  Come to find out he loved it! Another product that he can’t be without.  I order a few at a time now.  Good thing because its so popular that it sells out.  Ingredients are clean and Green Glam Girl approved!  While we are talking about Max Alchemy, Noah really likes the Scalp Rescue Shampoo too.  Both products can be found at one of my favorite online green beauty shops The Choosy Chick.  Don’t forget to use my code GREENGLAMGIRL for a discount!

‘Dem Lips!

Last but definitely not least is lips.  Now this one is interesting.  My husband keeps a lip balm in his car, my car and pocket.  I guess he never wants chap lips.  Then again who does because now that I think of it I may have have a few stashed in various places.  😉  Again he had his favorites and at the time Burt’s Bees was one of them.  It was one of the only better lip balms out there.  But honestly there was room for improvement.  It happened by way of Moroccan Magic!!  Oh my goodness this is a great lip balm.  I can’t be without it.  Ingredients are amazing.  The founder and CEO Kristina Tsipouras Miller uses only high quality, fair trade and USDA organic ingredients like Argan Oil, Essential oils, Vitamin E and Beeswax.  With different scents like Rose (my fav), Coconut Almond (my sons) and Peppermint Eucalyptus (hubs) there is something for everyone.  I’m dying to try out the others.  Now where to find you may ask!  Look no further because they just launched in Target!! Yay!! Moroccan Magic can also be found at Whole Foods and CVS.  Making organic lip care accessible and affordable to everyone!


That’s it for now ladies and gents! Don’t forget to let me know what you have tried and like.  Love to hear the feedback.

The Goods!

Innersense Organic Beauty – Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer $22 

Innersense Organic Beauty – I Create Finish $26

Osmia Organics – Purely Simple Face Cream $60

Max Alchemy – Scalp Rescue Shampoo $16.99

Max Alchemy – SuperSlick Shave Gel $11.99

Moroccan Magic – Lip Balm $3.99


*Affiliate links used.  Opinions and thoughts are always my own!


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