Clean & Green Sun Tan

Good Morning Glam Girls!  Can you believe it’s the end of February already?  This is actually my least favorite time of year.  Why?  My tan is fading! LOL!  Ok maybe that isn’t the only reason but it’s one.

Who remembers tanning beds?? Do they still exist??  I remember going before my wedding (a million years ago) to get the ‘natural glow’.  Not as much as some of my friends.   Fortunately I have the skin color that holds onto a summer tan for quite some time.  For some of my fair-skin friends, well they were a little obsessed with tanning beds.  One of my friends was diagnosed with skin cancer around the age of 25.   That was enough for me to never go again, special occasion or not.  The doctors linked her skin cancer specifically to the tanning beds.  So scary right?!?!  Talk about a loud wake up call.

At this point I don’t think we need to go into depth about why tanning beds are bad for us.  We all know.  But if you would like to know more about that check out this link.  Right now you may be wondering ‘ok so I can’t do the beds anymore.  Can I do a self-tanner at home?  Anything wrong with the stuff I just got at CVS?’  Well it depends on what you use.  I’ll explain!

Sunless Self-Tanner: The Good, Bad & Ugly

I don’t know about you but I was a fan and user of Jergens Natural Glow.  I would slather that stuff on all winter long.  When I was researching for this blog post I looked up the ingredients.  Insert horror face emoji here!! OMG!  I mean I knew it wasn’t going to be good but really!?!?  I had never looked at the ingredients when I was using it.  Curious what is in it?  To start off there is Mineral Oil/Petroleum, Fragrance, Parabens, etc.  Don’t take my word for it, check it out.  Definitely not things I want on my skin!  If many studies are correct in that that As per usual I have alternatives that do not compromise your health make you look like an orange.

What is ECO TAN?

Eco Tan is a variety of self tanning cream, mouse and water.  It was developed in 2011 by Sonya Driver Range in Australia.  She was inspired to develop a safe alternative to unhealthy tanning sprays and sunbathing when her sister was diagnosed with melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer).  Eight years ago she found herself a single mom of 2.  She had to rebuild her life and did that by helping others first.  I admired that the most about her story.  She took so much grief and turned it into a passion.  A passion to provide a clean and non toxic self tanner.  I had to try!  I ordered The Complete Tanning Kit which includes:

  • Eco Tan Self Tanner: Invisible Skin (this lotion is best suited for medium to olive skin tones. Also, delivers a beautiful, golden glow in one application.) Winter Skin (gradual tanner is best suited for fair to medium skin tones. Also, builds to a sun-kissed glow with applications.)  Cacao Tanning Mousse which is their express, self tanning mousse which offers a long lasting deep bronze colour for all skin tones. So you choose which one suits you.
  • Face Tan Water:  A gradual liquid self tanning water that is specifically created for face, neck and décolletage. You use it like a toner.
  • Tan Remover Glove: Exfoliating Mitt


I have been using the Face Tan Water as a toner in my nighttime routine and I can see it is subtle.  You have to keep applying at first for a few days in a row and then after that maybe 1-2x a week.  Since I have sensitive skin, I really like the idea of a toner because I’m always leary of putting a heavy cream on my face that I don’t normally put on.  No breakouts to report on!

Next up is the Invisible Skin.  This one gives you a nice golden glow in one application like I mentioned above.  I first exfoliated (not with the glove) with my favorite Follain Sugar & Shea Body Scrub about 24 hours before I did the self tanner.  That’s what they suggest at least.  So the next night I went in with the Invisible Skin.  Now mind you I am not good at this!  I applied before bed and woke up in the morning to a tan.  Streaks and all!  Lol!! Totally my fault.  But I really liked the color.  It was natural and developed within 8 hours.  If you have somewhere special to go last minute this may work for you.  I’m thinking maybe next time I’ll spring for the Winter Skin which is a gradual tanner.  You can do that everyday like a moisturizer and you are supposed to develop a sun-kissed glow.ecotanwater

If you want to try Eco Tan or a cleaner, non toxic option to fake n’ bake go to The Choosy Chick to order your own!  Use code GREENGLAMGIRL for a discount and tell Margo I sent you. 🙂

Chocolate Sun…Can I eat it?

The name alone draws you in doesn’t it?!?!  Then the smell.  Wow!  Clean enough to want to eat it like chocolate pudding!! Susie Hatton is the founder of Chocolate Sun.  In 2003 Susie launched the first ever organic sunless tanning solution and retail collection in Santa Monica, California.  I couldn’t think of a better place.  The first time I heard of Chocolate Sun was when I received a sample in my order from Integrity Botanicals.  So I knew when it was time to review self-tanning lotions I had to revisit Chocolate Sun.


Chocolate Sun tanning cream formulation includes Shea Butter, coconut oil and aloe.  This product is made as a skincare treatment first and foremost.  it is formulated with protective, hydrating and anti-aging botanicals and herbs.  This lotion is made to work gradually and will leave your skin soft, subtly tanned, and moisturized.  You won’t look like an Oompa Loompa either so that’s a major plus.  I applied the lotion after I showered at night.  By the morning I would see the color already.  It was not sticky at all!  Chocolate Sun comes in 3 colors, Cocoa Lite, Cocoa Glow and Absolute Sun.  I tested at Cocoa Glow for starters.

Now truth be told, I did a horrible job applying…again.  A suggestion would be to get a tanning mitt.  I ordered one from Amazon.  Now I will say although the smell is lovely it does have that slight self tanner smell too that lingers after.  It isn’t unpleasant but I thought I would mention that.  That goes for both Chocolate Sun & Eco Tan.  Does it fade??  No is the short answer.  Because it’s so hydrating it fades naturally.  So no blotchiness.  Another amazing quality of Chocolate Sun is that the creams are made without color guides so you won’t have any color let on your clothing or linens.  That was my experience for both tanning creams.

You can shop for Chocolate Sun at Integrity Botanicals.  Another of my favorite online green beauty stores run by Terri who is so helpful and knowledgeable.  Love supporting small businesses especially women owned!

Tips For A Great Sunless Tan

  1. Exfoliate 12-24 hours before applying self tanning lotion/mousse.
  2. Shave legs 12-24 hours before applying self tanning lotion.
  3. Get yourself a tanning mitt and apply overlapping each stroke to avoid streaking.
  4. After applying self tanning lotion do not shower for 4-8 hours (I prefer to apply tanning lotion at night so that you wake up with a nice glow).
  5. Keep skin moisturized to help prolong your tan.

That’s all she wrote!! Go get your glow on NOW! 🙂

*Some Affiliates used but thoughts and opinions all my own.


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