Clean Beauty’s Newest Vitamin C Oil

Happy Spring Friends!! Today is going to get all the way to 77 degrees!! That is a big deal for us in CT.  🙂  I hope everyone is doing as well as possible considering the times we live in these days.  So many decisions and debates out there.  To vaxx or not to vaxx?  The list goes on.  But you came here to my blog for a bit of sunshine right?!?!  Little escape from the real world.  Today’s post I want to talk about a brand new product that I had the opportunity to test out before it came to market.  So grateful for the incredible brands that trust me and know that I will always give it to you like it is.  Also grateful for you my reader who trusts me to do that as well.

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Day Squad Face Oil

Without further adieu…ta da! Pleni Naturals launched their newest product called Day Squad Face Oil.  Let me give you some details:

  • This oil is infused with the most stable and lipid soluble form of vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) which easily absorbs without any irritation.
  • It’s sidekick tomato fruit extract works with the vitamin C to protect from UV and environmental aggressors.
  • Turmeric Oil is another ingredient used in the Day Squad Oil that brightens skin and helps keep a clear-looking complexion with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin C & Sunscreen

I must admit I had no idea the connection between vitamin C and sunscreen.  If you were under a rock with me LOL and didn’t know I got you!  Allyson Owens (Founder of Pleni Naturals) says that there are a few studies out there that say that Vitamin C amplifies sunscreen protection.  What?!?! Well I believe my girl Allyson but I wanted to find the research myself so that I give you the background information.

We pretty much by now know that vitamin C protects and treats against photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and increases collagen production.  When used in the morning vitamin C  also ‘works to combat exposure to free radicals and ultraviolet light throughout the day‘.  Now this is the part that I didn’t know.

According to a 2013 study “sunscreens block only 55 percent of the free radicals produced by UV exposure…To optimize UV protection, it is important to use sunscreens combined with a topical antioxidant…Under laboratory conditions, it has been shown that application of 10 percent topical vitamin C showed statistical reduction of UVB-induced erythema by 52 percent and sunburn cell formation by 40-60 percent.”   Holy Cow!! Sunscreens block only 55% of free radicals!!  So in terms I can understand they go together like margaritas & tacos, chips & salsa, Oprah & Gayle, ok you get my drift.  LOL!  As a Real Simple article pointed out they are great alone but together they are a power couple.  Now what?

Green Glam Girl Review

I was gifted a bottle of the Day Squad Face Oil a few months before it launched.  So I’ve been using the oil for about 3 months now.  This post is not sponsored although it does contain affiliate links.  This is my honest review!

Long story short, I love the Day Squad oil! LOL!  Right off the top let’s talk about ingredients. Nothing but the best of organic and natural ingredients.  No junk!  Now I know what you’re thinking “Francesca please, I don’t want to add another oil, serum or cream to add to my morning regiment.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  Seriously I get it.  That is one reason I love this oil. The Day oil combines the moisturizing and the vitamin C step!  It can be used as your last step in your routine.  Now I will also mention that it is an oil and not a serum.  Serums tend to be more potent than oils so if you need something stronger go with a serum.

As we discussed above, what makes SPF more effective is adding this gem right before applying your favorite SPF (this is mine).  So if you are using at night which you totally can, that can be it if you want.  For during the daytime my routine is:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Day Squad Oil (5-6 drops, although I tend to do a little less and it’s perfect)
  4. SPF

Done and dusted, as one of my favorite British Peloton instructors says!   Also, I really like the scent profile. It reminds me an extremely expensive oil I’ve tried in the past. 😉  According to Allyson “scent is coming a tad from the raw materials and also the essential oils turmeric, carrot and neroli”.

My skin feels so good and it truly does seem glowy.  Let’ talk price.  Vitamin C serums and oils can run you a range of prices.  The Day Squad Face Oil is $48 which I think is a good bang for your buck.  I’ve been using the same bottle for about 3 months.  

That’s it for now!  Again thank you to Pleni Naturals for putting out such amazing products that never compromise our health.  Pleni Naturals products are Made Safe Certified.   So you can trust its the best of the best ingredients and always safe.  If you try the Day Squad Face Oil please hit me up and let me know what you think.  GreenGlamGirl15 saves you at checkout!

Thank you for being here!

*Affiliate Links used.  Opinions and thoughts all my own.



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