Oheka Castle, Long Island NY

Hello, I’m Francesca!

I’m a Brooklyn born and raised girl, transplanted to the Connecticut countryside. Wife and mama of one 10 year old boy.  I love all things girly and beautiful! You might be wondering what brought me to this journey of clean beauty.

My world was rocked about 5 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  Talk about the music stopping.  So I went into “take care of mom” mode for the next 4 months.  Thankfully she recovered and is doing well.

But about 6 months later when everyone was fine and good, I started to experience pretty intense anxiety.  So what happens when you go through stress and anxiety? Your body reacts.  Mine did in more than one way.  One of the ways was my skin.  I was in my 30’s experiencing acne!! So long story short I was introduced to green beauty by a friend and the rest is history.

I really started looking into the ingredients that were put into the products that I and my friends had been using for years.  Boy was that scary and an eye opener.  I started telling everyone who would listen and not be annoyed! Especially my mother.  When I saw her  and others make the change to green beauty I was blown away.  I thought maybe I could be to someone else what the green beauty community had been to me.  Green Glam Girl was born out of love for clean beauty products and wanting to help others make the change.  I am here to help you! Let’s do this together! Thanks for being here. xoxo