Clean Beauty’s Newest Vitamin C Oil

Happy Spring Friends!! Today is going to get all the way to 77 degrees!! That is a big deal for us in CT.¬† ūüôā¬† I hope everyone is doing as well as possible considering the times we live in these days.¬† So many decisions and debates out there.¬† To vaxx or not to vaxx?¬† The list goes on.¬† But you came here to my blog for a bit of sunshine right?!?!¬† Little escape from the real world.¬† Today’s post I want to talk about a brand new product that I had the opportunity to test out before it came to market.¬† So grateful for the incredible brands that trust me and know that I will always give it to you like it is.¬† Also grateful for you my reader who trusts me to do that as well.

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Day Squad Face Oil

Without further adieu…ta da! Pleni Naturals launched their newest product called Day Squad Face Oil.¬† Let me give you some details:

  • This oil is infused with the most stable and lipid soluble form of vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) which easily absorbs without any irritation.
  • It’s sidekick tomato fruit extract works with the vitamin C to protect from UV and environmental aggressors.
  • Turmeric Oil is another ingredient used in the Day Squad Oil that brightens skin and helps keep a clear-looking complexion with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin C & Sunscreen

I must admit I had no idea the connection between vitamin C and sunscreen.¬† If you were under a rock with me LOL and didn’t know I got you!¬† Allyson Owens (Founder of Pleni Naturals) says that there are a few studies out there that say that Vitamin C amplifies sunscreen protection.¬† What?!?! Well I believe my girl Allyson but I wanted to find the research myself so that I give you the background information.

We pretty much by now know that vitamin C protects and treats against photoaging, hyperpigmentation, and increases collagen production.¬† When used in the morning vitamin C¬† also ‘works to combat exposure to free radicals and ultraviolet light throughout the day‘.¬† Now this is the part that I didn’t know.

According to a 2013 study ‚Äúsunscreens block only 55 percent of the free radicals produced by UV exposure‚ĶTo optimize UV protection, it is important to use sunscreens combined with a topical antioxidant‚ĶUnder laboratory conditions, it has been shown that application of 10 percent topical vitamin C showed statistical reduction of UVB-induced erythema by 52 percent and sunburn cell formation by 40-60 percent.”¬† ¬†Holy Cow!! Sunscreens block only 55% of free radicals!!¬† So in terms I can understand they go together like margaritas & tacos, chips & salsa, Oprah & Gayle, ok you get my drift.¬† LOL!¬† As a Real Simple article pointed out they are great alone but together they are a power couple.¬† Now what?

Green Glam Girl Review

I was gifted a bottle of the Day Squad Face Oil a few months before it launched.¬† So I’ve been using the oil for about 3 months now.¬† This post is not sponsored although it does contain affiliate links.¬† This is my honest review!

Long story short, I love the Day Squad oil! LOL!¬† Right off the top let’s talk about ingredients. Nothing but the best of organic and natural ingredients.¬† No junk!¬† Now I know what you’re thinking “Francesca please, I don’t want to add another oil, serum or cream to add to my morning regiment.¬† Ain’t nobody got time for that!”¬† Seriously I get it.¬† That is one reason I love this oil. The Day oil combines the moisturizing and the vitamin C step!¬† It can be used as your last step in your routine.¬† Now I will also mention that it is an oil and not a serum.¬† Serums tend to be more potent than oils so if you need something stronger go with a serum.

As we discussed above, what makes SPF more effective is adding this gem right before applying your favorite SPF (this is mine).  So if you are using at night which you totally can, that can be it if you want.  For during the daytime my routine is:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Tone
  3. Day Squad Oil (5-6 drops, although I tend to do a little less and it’s perfect)
  4. SPF

Done and dusted, as one of my favorite British Peloton instructors says!¬† ¬†Also, I really like the scent profile. It reminds me an extremely expensive oil I’ve tried in the past. ūüėȬ† According to Allyson “scent is coming a tad from the raw materials and also the essential oils turmeric, carrot and neroli”.

My skin feels so good and it truly does seem glowy.¬† Let’ talk price.¬† Vitamin C serums and oils can run you a range of prices.¬† The Day Squad Face Oil is $48 which I think is a good bang for your buck.¬† I’ve been using the same bottle for about 3 months.¬†¬†

That’s it for now!¬† Again thank you to Pleni Naturals for putting out such amazing products that never compromise our health.¬† Pleni Naturals products are Made Safe Certified.¬† ¬†So you can trust its the best of the best ingredients and always safe.¬† If you try the Day Squad Face Oil please hit me up and let me know what you think.¬† GreenGlamGirl15 saves you at checkout!

Thank you for being here!

*Affiliate Links used.  Opinions and thoughts all my own.



Teens Gone Green – Green Beauty for the Next Generation

Happy Thursday Ladies!  I hope everyone is having a good week.  Today I want to talk about what has been in the news lately.  This topic has actually been on my mind for quite some time.  The subject is teenage girls and personal care products!  I say girls specifically because it is us women who are the primary consumers of personal care products like shampoo, deodorant, makeup, feminine hygiene products, perfume, etc.

Right around 13, maybe even a little younger girls are introduced to shiny lip gloss,¬† scented and glittery body lotions,¬† fragrance sprays (i.e. remember dousing yourself in Pear Glac√®¬†from Victoria Secret 20 years ago or was that just my friends and I) and the list goes on.¬† Teenage girls may be at particular risk since it’s a time of fast reproductive change and development.¬† Research shows that they use more personal care products per day than the average adult woman.¬† ¬†Some say up to 14 products per day!! Think back to that time for yourself and what you were using! Or maybe don’t, it may be too scary to think about.

What’s all the fuss about?

Recently there has been studies and more talk about the correlation between early puberty and the ingredients in the personal care products that young girls use.  My friend Janis Covey of Kosmatology sent me 2 articles about this subject when I told her this would be the subject of my next post.  The study out of UC Berkeley and Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas shows how even a short break from makeup, shampoos and lotions with toxic ingredients can lead to a significant drop in levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in the body. 

The study did an analysis of urine samples before and then after a three-day trial in which the girls used lower-chemical products.¬† They saw a drop in toxic chemicals like parabens (found in hair care, body lotion, & makeup), phthalates (found in fragrance), oxybenzone (chemical found in sunscreen),¬† and triclosane (found in antibacterial products) in just 3 days!¬† WOW!! That’s crazy!! All of these chemicals are feared to be natural hormone disruptors.

The article in the Guardian mentioned that “over the past 20 years studies have shown that girls and possibly boys have been experiencing puberty at progressively younger ages.”¬† With that comes the link between early puberty and a ‘increased risk of mental illness, breast and ovarian cancer in girls and testicular cancer in boys’.¬† I was thinking too of all the young women nowadays in their late 20’s, early 30’s experiencing difficulties in getting pregnant.¬† It makes you stop and think if nothing else.¬† Of course this all raises more questions and more research is needed.¬† The point is we need to be aware that there are toxic chemicals in our personal care products that are messing with hormones in our bodies, in our kids bodies!

Now what if it’s never introduced in the first place?!?!¬† What if girls (and boys) can just be exposed to products that are devoid of these chemicals?!?!¬† Is it possible? ABSOLUTELY!

Affordable Green Beauty

If you have been reading my blog you know one of my favorite quotes that can be applied here “When we know better we do better.”¬† That can be said of us moms with our kids, girls and boys!¬† In my case I have a son but a few of my friends have girls that are at that puberty stage, some experiencing it early than their moms had.¬† It’s the perfect time to start changing personal care products over.¬†

Now you may be thinking, ‘this is great and all but I don’t have the resources to pay crazy prices for organic products for my kids’.¬† I feel you girl!¬† You’ve come to the right place because thankfully you don’t have to.¬† I’ve been trying and researching a few brands that are perfect for mom and daughter but don’t have the big price tag.¬† Let’s talk about a few of my picks.


1. Clove + Hallow

From concealer to beautiful lip products you can’t beat the clean ingredients and the price.¬† Founder Sarah Biggers has knocked it out of the park.¬† They recently came out with their eye shadow palette which I just got! Let me tell you…GORGEOUS! The¬†Sunrise palette is $34 and comes with 6 different shades – 4 shimmers and 2 mattes.¬† For an added boost, an antioxidant complex of Rosemary, Rice Bran, and Sunflower extracts soothes and protects the delicate eye area, so you can feel good about wearing your makeup all day long. 100% cruelty-free and vegan.¬† I am hooked.¬† So will you and your girl.¬† I haven’t mentioned their lip velvets which I’m obsessed with.¬† At $18 this is one of the best lip products I own! Not being dramatic. LOL! I love the C&H Clean15 Guarantee which is¬†No cheap fillers or unnecessary fluff. Just the good stuff, delivered in 15 or fewer ingredients per base formula.¬†¬†Their products are between the price range of $15-$34.¬† Amazing value for such a great brand

2. W3ll People

This brand has been one of my favorites in green beauty.¬† Founded by a makeup artist,¬† a dermatologist and a wellness entrepreneur this company is making amazing, clean products at an affordable price.¬† W3LL People can be found at many Target stores.¬† We know your teenage loves that beauty isle at Target!¬† A couple of my favorites is the Expressionist Mascara ($21.99) not only is it non toxic but it delivers on making those eyelashes sing! My go-to especially during the summer is their Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30 ($28.99).¬† It is 3-1, moisturizer, sun protection and a little coverage.¬† I love this stuff.¬† Always have it on hand.¬† It’s really great year round too.¬† Perfect for the on-the-go teenager!

3. Honest Beauty

For me Honest was the first that I tried in cleaner beauty.¬† They are super affordable and can be found at Target and Amazon.¬† You can’t beat the price of $14.99 (sometimes lower) for a clean mascara that everyone has been raving about lately. Also their eyeshadow palette that I personally just received. When Honest Beauty first launched I tried all of their eye shadows and I have to say this palette is bigger and better and at $18.99 on Amazon it’s a homerun for mom and daughter!


1. Cocokind Skincare 

Now if you aren’t new to Green Glam Girl you know that I love Cocokind since discovering them at Whole Foods Market.¬† Founder Pricilla Tsai and her team have done an incredible job of creating a clean, conscious, and accessible skin care line that performs! I have been using Cocokind for a little while now and obsessed is an understatement.¬† Also, you know by now that I haven’t been a teenager for quite some time ūüôā But I think it’s the perfect product for your teenager (boy or girl) and their ever-changing skin.¬† From the Organic Rose Water Toner ($17) to the Mymatcha All-Over Moisture Stick ($9) they are all delicious and amazing products.¬†

Let’s talk for a minute about the price point!¬† So affordable. Nothing is more than $25 and Pricilla is determined to keep prices down but quality top-notch.¬† The products that I have in my bathroom is: The Turmeric¬†Spot Treatment Stick ($9) and Raspberry Vinegar Toner($16) for those pesky breakouts.¬† The Rosewater Toner for all day long moisture. The Facial Cleansing Oil ($9.80 on Amazon) is a great way to remove makeup and dirt from the day.¬† I love the Chlorophyll Mask¬†($13.70 on Amazon) which is great for calming breakouts and¬†detoxifying the skin. Last but¬†not least I am never without the Organic¬†Skin Butter ($14)! Then there is the Macabeet Tinted Moisture Stick.¬†This is a great product for your budding makeup enthusiast.¬† It’s¬†makeup and skincare with beetroot to tint and maca root to create¬†smooth and even skin.¬† You can even use it as a lip tint as well.¬† Perfect¬†touch of pink!¬† Such minimal ingredients in all of their products.¬† You¬†and your teen will love.¬† All of these products you can find at your local Whole Foods Market.

2. Schmidts

Deodorant is one of the first personal care products that should be non toxic.¬† Conventional deodorant contains many ingredients you don’t want going on your skin but one of them is¬†aluminum zirconium¬†.¬† There is much conflicting things out there about aluminum and more research is needed.¬† For my family we have decided to stay away from it!¬† Another thing to keep in mind even if research isn’t very conclusive regarding aluminum being carcinogenic, is that it prevents perspiring.

What’s the big deal about that you may ask? Well sweating is our¬†body’s natural way of eliminating what it doesn’t need.¬† Messing with¬†that whole process can have negative health consequences.¬† Which¬†makes sense when we stop anything the body should be doing¬†naturally.¬†¬†Schmidts¬†($17.49 for 2) is an easy to find, affordable and¬†clean deodorant.¬† Most importantly it works!! And that my friends is a¬†hard combo to find in green beauty!¬† In fact it is the one that my 10-year-old son has started to use and the one my husband can’t be¬†without.¬†As I mentioned in my last post, this brand can be found at¬†Target and even TJ Maxx.

3. Acure

Check out my post about chemicals found in hair care products.  It will make your hair stand up. Pun intended! One good brand that I started with is Acure ($9.99 or less).  You can find at Whole Foods Market, Amazon, Target, Pharmaca (love) and even TJ Maxx.   I love that these clean brands are so accessible and affordable.  One more thing about this brand is that they have bath and body options too.  Have fun trying!!

The Next Generation of Natural

So now for the really fun part! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!  I collaborated with my good friend and super talented local photographer Kelly Ann Long Photography.  We put clean beauty and photography together and boom we have a beautiful photo session with our gorgeous model Naya who is 16 years old.  She is wearing all green beauty.  Style and makeup by Kelly. 

If you are local to Fairfield, New Haven or Hartford County,¬† Kelly is the one for you.¬† She specializes in children and teens modern portraiture.¬† I am so excited to share with you this photoshoot.¬† So proud to call Kelly my friend.¬† Check her work out for yourself.¬† Her pictures are gorgeous.¬† Thank you for being here and following my journey.¬† My hope is that I’ve helped you in your journey in one small way.¬† xoxo

Please see below all the make-up details and click on the links to find! For more check out my Products I love page.

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*Affiliate links used.  Opinions and thoughts are always my own!



Face Cleanser ~ Cocokind Facial Oil Cleaner

Concealer ~ W3ll People Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer in Medium

Foundation ~ W3ll People Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturizer SPF 30 in Medium

Cheeks ~ Cocokind MACABEET Tinted Moisture Stick

Eyeshadow ~ Clove + Hallow Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette & Honest Beauty Palette

Lips ~ Cocokind MACABEET Tinted Moisture Stick & Kari Gran in JEANNIE 

Mascara ~ Honest Beauty Extreme Length Mascara + Primer

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Picture by Kelly Ann Long Photography

Clean Green Skin Care Part I – The Big Reveal

[dropcap]So[dropcap] let’s get real people this topic of clean green skincare has been pretty hot lately, which is great. Rewind a few years ago and people would think you were crazy. What’s that?? 10 years ago when I gave birth to my son Lucas I was like every other new mom, wanted to give my baby the very best.

I figured the very popular, been around for 125+ years old company would be the “best”.
To my shock it wasn’t.

The Scary Stuff

But where were the clean skin care products? We had already known of the “dangerous deodorant/antiperspirant’ scare of the 2000’s. Tom’s of Maine probably never saw such a surge in sales at that time. But that is for another time! Anyway, my point is no one was really talking about the products that we put on the biggest organ of our body…skin! Honestly it wasn’t until Jessica Alba. ūüėČ For me she got the conversation going.

Read more about my story here.

Why didn’t my mom know or I know that a lot of what we put on our skin gets absorbed in our blood stream in a short amount of time. Think about it, why do they have birth control patches that go on your skin if nothing gets absorbed through the skin? Let’s talk about some of these ingredients for a minute or two. Remember I mentioned the popular baby products most of our moms and maybe we used. Well in one of their popular products ingredients like “methylparaben, proplyparaben, yellow 10, and Red 40” were used. Now to be fair it looks like they have removed these ingredients in the last 10 years since I’ve purchased it. Not sure when they did that as I haven’t bought in some years. But it still contains different alcohols and perfume.

Parabens – Clean Skin Care?

Let’s talk about parabens briefly. Well and Good put out a really good article about this subject. It referenced Dr. Darbre’s research study of parabens found in breast cancer tissue. The study was originally done in 2004 and then again in 2012 on a larger scale. There were 160 samples tested. Parabens were detected in 99% of the tissue samples. Specifically methylparaben was found in 95% samples. Wow! Dr. Darbre concluded, “The take-home message was that we validated the earlier study with a much more substantial study. Parabens are getting into the breast, and they‚Äôre getting in in significant amounts,‚ÄĚ . Food for thought!

The Good Stuff

Enough of the scary stuff. One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.‚ÄĚ You get the point. So the question is, “Where do I find clean skin care products that are non toxic?” Well fortunate for you, you’ve come to the right place! I wanted to create somewhere I could share what I’ve learned these past few years and also share what I love. I had the great privilege of meeting Dr. Janis Covey of Kosmatology last year at The W.E.L.L Summit. Yes you read right, she is a Compound Pharmacist turn clean beauty maven when she saw a great need. I had seen her products on the green beauty blogs and only tried one product, which I loved. But then at The W.E.L.L Summit I tried more and needless to say I was hooked. Janis was incredibly kind enough to let me interview her for Green Glam Girl’s first series of beauty blog posts! Stay tuned for part 2…my interview! You are going to love it! Thanks for stopping by ~ xoxo